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Top 3 reasons why your child's hair is not growing

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

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HAIR GROWTH. There are many reasons why our hair is not growing as we expect; genetic, age, stress of the daily routine, hair care routine, styling products, nutritional deficiencies. In the case of our children, we will focus on the hair care routine, we can not blame much the age or the stress right?.

1) Shampoos.

Use shampoos and, in general products with the minimum amount of chemicals. It's like with packaged food: if you can't pronounce the ingredients at the back of the label it won't be good for your child's hair. Update- Avoid shampoos containing Sulphates and parabens.

2) Hair Care routine.

Reduce wash days per week and cut in half the amount of shampoo used, with a proper hair care system you can also enjoy the natural hair experience while the length of your hair reaches your shoulders. When you go to the stylist, keep a close eye on the wash routine; remember the shampoo is mainly used to clean the scalp.

3) Wide Tooth comb

Wide Tooth wood combs or your fingers are the best options to style your natural hair. Remember the moot point, combs should not be shared.

A golden rule: always comb your hair while wet or damp with oil. This takes us to another key habit to break, avoid combing your natural hair every day. Doing this constantly damages your hair!!

A final note:

At FC Lifestyle, we are proud to claim you will get the best natural hair growth experience. We have a vast list of testimonials from clients: mothers using our products for their babies and themselves and other adults with specific hair issues have seen how effective our products are.

We have four (4) main hair care products:

- Magic Hair Growth oil: Based on purest oils, this product restores thinning edges and improve hair thickness. The results can be felt from the first day of use.

- Refreshing Spray: Enriched with Aloe Vera, hydrates, and instantly refreshes the scalp. At the same time neutralizes hair odors and relieves tight braids. This is the perfect complement to our Magic Hair Growth oil.

- Anti-breakage oil (Pre-poo): This is our CEO's best-kept secret. This product restores damaged hair and prevents breakage.

- Curling Oil: Prevents split ends, seals-in moisture, and leaves hair feeling silky.

Our vision is to maintain long term relationships with our customers and we will always go the extra mile to ensure you have the best user experience with all our products.

Are you ready to change and experience real hair growth results?

Please share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

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