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My name is Fernanda Camba. I am 8 years old. I enjoy modeling, tennis, and taekwondo. Presently learning to play the Violin and dream to be part of an Orchestra someday. When I grow up I will love to be an ARTIST!!!


I always dreamt of having long, beautiful hair however, my hair was dry, breaking, and not growing.​

My mum explored many hair products most of which worsened my allergies, then she tried a special formulation using full natural products.

These formulations were incorporated into my existing hair care routine since I was 6 years old with wonderful results. To enjoy, Just follow the instructions on each label.

All products offered at my Online shop are of the best quality and 100% natural. This is my way to enjoy an allergy-free lifestyle. This is my promise and guarantee.

To Longer, Thicker, Healthier hair. . .

Fernanda at 4 yrs old reading a book

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