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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MAGIC Hair Growth Oil (MHGO)? Is it a treatment or a conditioner?

- FC LifeStyle Magic HGO is a scalp oil specially formulated to stimulate hair growth for everyone. It is also indicated to maintain scalp at optimum health.

2. Are these products safe to be used on children?

- Yes, they are safe for children. All products are made from 100% natural products.

3. Do I need to wash my hair first before using MAGIC Hair Growth Oil?

- It can be applied to the scalp in washed and unwashed condition with benefits.


4. I have afro hair, will this product work for me?

- Yes. The product is a scalp oil, equally beneficial to all hair types straight hair, curly hair, kinky hair, or wavy hair.


5. There are many oil products in the market, why MAGIC HGO is different?

- It is a product carefully formulated with the purest natural oils in concentrations guaranteed to stimulate hair growth. A promise kept containing no added chemicals or additives to ensure maximum scalp health.


6. My daughter has a dry flaky and itchy scalp, will this product help reduce it?

- Yes it will. Regular use of 2 to 3 times weekly will prevent this.


7. My scalp itches sometimes, is this formulation strong enough for adults?

Magic Hair Growth Oil is a blend for everyone. It restores scalp balance. Regular use will prevent itchy scalp. We have an adult product line for some cases needing additional power.


8. When I click the “buy” button in the website, I cant provide my credit card details to confirm the operation.

- The website only accepts Paypal and off-line payments.


9. My daughter has allergies, can she use MAGIC Hair Growth Oil?

- Absolutely, this product is formulated specifically for persons with sensitivities and allergies, made with the purest oils your daughter can use with ease.


10. Do you have a special price for distributors?

- Yes, Please contact us via email or phone number on the contact page.

11. Do you have shops where all FC LifeStyle Products can be purchased?

- All sales are conducted online. We also support phone orders.

12. What’s the advantage of using FC LifeStyle Moisturising Spray instead of using tap water?

- Spray is free from Chlorine unlike tap water, also contains rose water and aloe with added benefits.

13. FC Lifestyle Product family has three different oils. Do I need to use them all to obtain results?

- No. The use of Magic Hair Growth Oil will provide excellent hair growth on any type of hair. For outstanding results, you can incorporate later the Antri-Breakage and Styling Oil products.  

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