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Fuller edges, Shiny and stronger hair

Love extensions?
* Minimize the damage to your hair
* Restore all those scanty edges. 
* Accelerate hair growth
* Eliminate the bald areas


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My daughter's hair is definitely getting fuller and there is really hair growth  

 Barbara O

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My princess' edges are so much better now!                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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R. Jensen

"My Daughters' hair has improved.. less breakage and itching has stopped"                                                                                                                                    


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"The hair oil and spray is the best of the best! My daughter's hair is growing."    


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For women, hair is the eternal pursuit of perfection. in Ancient Greek society women that were free citizens used to have long and thick hair. Short haircuts was a sign of mourning or growing old.

In our days, healthy natural hair is positively recognized as a reflection of personality, vitality, and health.


Why it's so difficult to achieve perfect hair?

Well, sometimes it all starts with old habits and what we were told is right to do in our society. There are many countries like the US and many others where we are taught to wash our hair every day.


The routine of shampooing your hair everyday with commercial sudsy shampoo that strips hair of its natural oils. – Dries out your scalp and then causes your hair to produce an excessive amount of oil to combat the dryness.


Leaving you forced to wash – rinse and repeat EVERY DAY! 


This kind of hair routine truly is a vicious cycle that’s tough to break. The cycle itself keeps many companies in business. Not only are you buying shampoo often but then you start buying products to fix problems they know over-shampooing causes! 


A.K.A. dry hair serums, anti-frizz sprays, split-end repair creams, dandruff treatments, and the list goes on. 


And if you haven’t figured out the puzzle yet, this is exactly why it’s hard to find healthy natural hair care products. 

Overtime using cheap commercial shampoos and other hair products can lead to long-term hair damage. 

How To Stop The Cycle with Natural Hair Care Ingredients


Having strong, glossy, gorgeous, and longer hair requires you to stop buying typical drug store hair care products. A simple browse through the Environmental Working Groups’ reports on hair care products will provide shocking information such as mercury, neurotoxins, and formaldehyde in hair dyes and straighteners.  Worse even, one study linked early puberty to certain hair care products. Sometimes chemicals used on hair care products increase the appearance of allergies and scalp irritation.


Seriously, just read a few of these reports and you’ll be ready to ditch drug store hair products too! 


Not only will you skip all those health hazards, but you’ll also be able to say goodbye to split-ends, dandruff, a dry scalp, hair breakage, and the all too familiar overproduction of oil. The use of natural products benefits all hair types: African, Kinky, Curly, Straight.

Our best advice:

1) Read product labels.  There are natural products based on only the purest components.

2) Check social media reviews. There are products in the market that it's use promote faster hair growth, relieve itchy scalp and dandruff, and prevent your hair from breakage.

3) Once you have identified a trustable manufacturer, follow their instructions.


FC Lifestyle, natural products you can trust to take your hair to the next level.

100% Natural


It’s Better for Your Health


Natural hair care products can contain antioxidants. These will help your body to get rid of free radicals. There are a lot of chemicals that are constantly being released into your hair.  These can have negative effects on skin and hair alike; they destroy a cell and then move onto the next one. Antioxidants that are in natural hair products can include Vitamin E, which is very powerful.  The following reasons are some examples of why you might choose natural hair products.


  • Allergies: Artificial hair products and the chemicals found in them can cause irritation for some people. You might experience rashes, itches, and even discoloration.  Natural products do not have these negative side effects and therefore minimize the harm done to your body.


  • Suffocation: Artificial hair companies are known for adding chemicals to other chemicals in an attempt to hide the smell of the materials they use to make their products.  When inhaled for a long period of time, this can actually trigger migraines and headaches. Natural products have naturally occurring fragrances from their organic materials and therefore do not run into this problem.


  • Milder on the Hair: Artificial hair products seem like they might work faster at first but are actually harsher on your hair. They do real, consistent damage to the hair follicles and on the hair itself.  Natural products start mild and remain mild no matter how long you use them.


  • Pollution: The chemicals found in artificial products will pollute the earth.  They go into drains in your home and then eventually wind up in the air or in bodies of water like rivers and lakes and oceans.  Natural products are created from organic materials and therefore aren’t releasing very many chemicals to the environment.  A better earth is better for the people on earth too.


  • Prevents Balding: If you consistently use natural hair care products, you will reduce the rate at which your hair falls out.  It strengthens hair follicles, after all.  Not only does hair recover, but it becomes thicker and fuller as well.  This is great if you’re trying to avoid going bald. There are natural products that clean the follicles and restore natural hair growth.


  • Anti-Aging Effects: Natural hair products have organic components that will reduce the aging of your hair.  This means that your hair will last longer. They will increase and strengthen the thickness of the hair.

FC Lifestyle Babies

(Join FC lifestyle family, let your baby's hair be the next social media's sensation)


8 months old


14 months old


11 Months old

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